About EvoTech

Evo Technologies, LLC (EvoTech) is a Small Minority Owned Business with the intent to serve across industries with evolving technology and provide exciting opportunities for professionals.The company name “Evo” derives from terms Evolving and Evolution. EvoTech was established to provide quality IT professional support by utilizing evolving advance technology to create a more business efficient environment and process for our customers. Our CEO have acknowledge a business opportunity to operate and grow a business that will have initiatives in place to retain great employees and create a sustainable relationship with customers as part of our business continuity plan. We offer professional services to organizations that require consulting and support with their mission or business goals utilizing information systems. We also provide professional IT services utilizing the latest computer information systems and technology. 

We thrive to connect people, technology, and business. Whether there is a need for improving business process efficiency, software development, office workflow, facility information management or security we will provide full support. One of our goals is delivery premier support to organizations to using information systems and technology to bring automation and promote a smart business process. As a small minority owned business, we intend to provide exciting opportunities for professionals and help grow their careers.