Bernard Ellis, Jr. – Chief Executive Officer 

As CEO and Founder of Evo Technologies, LLC (EvoTech), Mr. Ellis oversees the operation and provides leadership based on years of government contracting experience. He has over 18 years of technical experience using, configuring and customizing information systems while providing excellent customer service support. He has supported many government agencies enterprise IT offices such as WHS, the Joint Chief of Staff at the Pentagon, the Dept of Justice, Marine Corp Cyber Command, US Cyber Command and INSCOM. Mr. Ellis is an alumni of some of the current largest government companies. He has also used his technical skills to service the private sector as a CAD Designer (mechanical, architectural, civil and space planning). 

Mr. Ellis have a passion for technology and how it has changed the way we live our lives as it brings innovative collaboration platforms that connects the world. It allows professionals to be creative, innovative, enhance intelligence in the way we learn and allow us to contribute to society. He also thrives to create career opportunities.

Mr. Ellis holds a Associates degree in Business Management, Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from Coppin State University and a Master’s of Science in Information Technology specializing in Information Assurance and Cyber Security from Walden University. Growing up from Baltimore City he plans to give back to his community and honor his life long social responsibility. He is a huge Baltimore Ravens fan and loves traveling.